Saturday, March 24, 2012

Jual Video Beladiri - Encyclopedia of Shin Kyokushin H. 085648383004

Jual Video Beladiri - Encyclopedia of Shin Kyokushin

Terdiri dari 2 dvd.Per dvd Rp.25.000,-
XVID | English | 640x464 | AVI | 25 fps 1790 kbps | MP3 96 kbps | 1.36 GB
Genre: eLearning

In this tutorial, the film shows Encyclopedia Shin Kyokushinkai Kesoku - Master Kenji Midori. Engineering school shows a few angles and is an excellent textbook. It shows the detail absolutely all the equipment: how to conduct a workout, how to strike the hands, feet, all the kata, kihon all the equipment.

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Jual Video Beladiri - Kyokushin Karate Encyclopedia vol 1, 2, 3 H. 085648383004

Jual Video Beladiri - Kyokushin Karate Encyclopedia vol1, 2, 3

Terdiri dari 3 dvd.Per dvd Rp.25.000,-

English | Xvid 400x300 25.00fps | MPEG 44100Hz stereo 192kbps | 3 hr | 1.8 GB
Kyokushin Kaikan is a style of stand-up, full contact karate, founded in 1964 by Masutatsu Oyama who was born under the name Choi Young-Eui. Kyokushinkai is Japanese for "the society of the ultimate truth." Kyokushin is rooted in a philosophy of self-improvement, discipline and hard training. Its full contact style has had international appeal.

The Kyokushin system is based on traditional karate like Shotokan and Goju-ryu, but incorporates many elements of combat sports like boxing, Muay Thai and kickboxing in kumite. Manay techniques used in Kyokushin Karate are not found in other styles of karate. Kyokushin training consists of three main elements: (1) technique, (2) forms, and (3) sparring. These are sometimes referred to as the three "K's" after the Japanese words for them: kihon (technique), kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).

The DVD includes:

Dojo Etiquette
Parts of the Body Explained
Breathing Techniques
Moving Basics
Step Work
Prearranged Fighting
Kata Instruction

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jual Video Beladiri - Yoseikan Budo - Hiroo Mochizuki

Jual Video Beladiri - Yoseikan Budo - Hiroo Mochizuki

Terdiri dari 1 dvd.Per dvd Rp.25.000,-

The Yoseikan Budo is a revolutionary art originating directly from tradition. Hiroo Mochizuki, heir to the Yoseikan, presents this individual and comprehensive style to us. This video is a legacy, and beautifully represents a meeting point between the past and the future of the Budo. A surprising work that you should not miss under any circumstances.
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jual Video Beladiri - I Can Do Nunchaku

Terdiri dari 3 dvd.Per dvd Rp.25.000,-

  • Feature Seong Won Jin who is the best nunchaku master in Korea shows his fantastic demonstration

  • Master Jin teaches from how to grip a nunchaku to the highest technique using not only arms but also legs and whole body

  • Master Jin discloses his know-how and various techniques that he has practiced for 20 years

  • Now, It's your turn. From the Beginner to the expert of Nunchku anyone can learn the nunchaku through this title

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Jual Video Beladiri - Krav Maga: Line of Fire--Defending Against Handgun Threats

"Krav Maga: Line of Fire--Defending Against Handgun Threats" English | Xvid 720x480 23.98fps | MP3 128Kbps 48KHz stereo | 1 hr 15 min | 692 Mb

Terdiri dari 1 dvd.Per dvd Rp.25.000,-

Krav Maga is the official self defense system of the Israeli Army and U.S. law enforcement. The handgun is the most commonly feared weapon used by criminals. The Krav Maga techniques described in this video teach you how to respond quickly and effectively to a variety of handgun threats: from the front and the back, from the side, and at various heights from the head to the stomach. Each technique is clearly broken down and shows how to redirect the line of fire, control the weapon, and how to deal with and disarm the gunman. The video shows you the techniques in dramatized true-to-life situations. To easily master the exercises you are then taken into the training studio to examine the techniques as they are explained and analyzed by Krav Maga's highest level instructors: U.S. Chief Instructor Darren Levine and International Krav Maga Federation Head Instructor Eyal Yanilov. Krav Maga's battle-tested techniques emphasize simple, practical movements, based on the body's natural instincts that can be performed by people of all levels of ability.
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jual Video Beladiri - Wally Jay - Small Circle Jujitsu - Foundations

Wally Jay - Small Circle Jujitsu - Foundations
DX50 | English | 640x480 | AVI | 29.970 fps 999 kbps | MP3 128 kbps | 453 MB
Genre: eLearning

Terdiri dari 1 dvd.Per dvd Rp.25.000,-

Professor Wally Jay introduces his unique Small-Circle Jujitsu Self Defense Technique in this new series of DVDs. Volume 1: Foundations discusses the 10 basic principles of small-circle jujitsu, including an explanation and demonstration of finger, wrist and joint locking. Professor Jay also gives an overview of his unique system, including a discussion of how techniques are executed on the smallest body-point possible via direction of force. Professor Wally Jay is a Black Belt Hall of Fame member (1969), 10th dan in jujitsu under Juan Gomez (a top disciple of Henry S. Okazaki) and a sixth dan in judo under Ken Kawachi. Jay is one of the few martial artists this century to have come up with a theory of fighting, developed it and put it into practice. His influence is felt throughout the martial arts industry.
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Video Beladiri - Hapkido Self-defense Volume 1

Terdiri dari 1 dvd.Per dvd Rp.25.000,-

Hapkido’s reputation as a self-defense art is unrivaled. In this first of two Hapkido Self- Defense DVDs, Grandmaster Myung Yong Kim and Grandmaster Chang Soo Lee teach you the standing defenses of Hapkido Jin Jung Kwan including locking, takedown and throwing defenses against:

* single, double, cross and rear wrist grabs
* front and rear bear hugs
* punches
* kicks
* front and rear collar grabs
* belt grabs
* elbow grabs

Hapkido Self-defense Volume 1 will give you a solid foundation in hapkido’s stand-up defenses. This comprehensive instructional DVD was filmed on location in Korea. Learn directly from the headmaster, founder and international demonstration team members of this dynamic Korean art.
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